Rather than uploading segments of “Birthday Candles” regularly, as I’d planned to do, my last few weeks have been spent creating more boxes than chapters. But rest assured, I have the next chapter planned out down to the title, quote, and playlist, and it’s just going to be a while before I can give it my undivided attention. 

Back in January, my dad started a new job with Compassion International in Colorado Springs! He’s been living in an apartment while we waited here in San Antonio for us kids to finish our spring semesters of school, and for my younger brother, Ben, to wrap up his high school career. Now, we’re just days away from the move on June 13th. 

I’m feeling a mix of things. I’m more excited for the other side of the move than I thought I’d be: mountains out my window every morning, a milder climate, a new house and a new room to decorate…speaking of which…

I’m thinking of getting back into uploading Youtube videos, specifically about my new room in Colorado Springs. You know, some before and after pictures, some updates as I work on DIY projects I have planned…something to video log my move, along with the writing I’ll be doing. I got inspiration while visiting my dad to write a journal, or a nonfiction log, about the move. I’m planning on continuing it as long as I feel that Colorado gives me new and interesting things to document. 🙂 So there’s those ideas. 

What kind of creative Youtube videos are your favorite? Do you have any advice for a young writer trying to decide on what to work on? Or do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I’ll see you soon. 🙂 


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