Hey guys! Welcome to another Birthday Candles playlist. This one is for Chapter 2, “11.2 Kilometers Per Second.” Along with songs, these posts include fun facts! 11.2 km/second is the escape velocity of earth—the speed needed to break orbit. I titled it that because I thought it coincided well with Madison’s journey up to this point; and I like it because it’s artsy. 🙂

All right, on with the songs!

  • “Invisible”: Horseshoes and Handgrenades—For me, this captures Madison’s perspective at this point in the story. She feels anonymous, regardless of the fact that the entire facility is at play, as alumni of Portal 2 know.
  • “6 Feet Under”: Jonathan Thulin—The mood is appropriate for this chapter. Madison grows to think about little else besides getting out of Old Aperture. Since Wheatley is the only one she knows in the facility, she associates getting out with him most times.
  • “The Ruins”: Jonathan Thulin—This Christian song that can also be interpreted on a human level, which is how it fits into this chapter and the next. While Madison looks for a kindred spirit outside of her world she longs for more an secure and accepting foundation.
  • “Mad World”: Jasmine Thompson—I can picture things in Old Aperture crumbling apart or burning to this song. The “happy birthday” lyric fits with the title of the story: Madison’s basically trying to get to her next birthday.

All right, that’s it for this round. I hope you guys enjoyed that. Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts, as well as what your favorite writing or work music is. See you guys soon for chapter 3!


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