Hello, all! Thanks for stopping by my humble writing blog. Usually, reviews are the norm here, as are works of fan fiction every blue moon (hence the shameless Portal moon joke). Today, however, I have a small piece of news which deviates from these topics.

I’m participating (and wincing a little as I type this because of university) in NaNoWriMo this November. Contrary to my usual choice to do the summer sessions, NaNo inspiration has gripped me. Maybe it was re-watching my Camp NaNo vlog from July; maybe it was thinking about networking with other writers. Maybe it was the notion of simply updating my word count and watching those encouraging little graph bars rise…

Whatever the case, this session for me will be different in a significant way: this is the first session I am not writing fan fiction for any franchise! A lot of my ideas compiled on my laptop are original; but as to completing these manuscripts, I haven’t yet done that. The manuscripts I’ve finished up to now have been novels for the Invader Zim and Portal franchises specifically. This November, I’m going to attempt to finish a first draft of something different.

Now, with school and volunteering and socializing and family and sleep and life, I make no promises as to my word count goal or expectations. What I will say is that I’m planning on riding the NaNo inspiration train as far as it’ll take me. And this is a perfect little plug for this cutie pie:


Yay for planning! (And a little pantsing too, because come on, who doesn’t like spontaneity? “Pantsing” is a writing term, by the way. Look it up. XD)

So, who out there is looking ahead excitedly to November? Are you a planner or a pantser (or something in between)? What’s your story going to be about? Here’s the link to mine!


Leave me a comment and have a great day!

Hannah ❤


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