Almost halfway through this novel! I hope you guys are enjoying these interim posts. Let’s get to this chapters’ inspiration songs.

  • “Grasping Some Beauty”: Epic Soul Factory—As Madison and Zeph re-emerge into modern Aperture and meet more humans, I wanted to convey a sense of awe despite the dilapidated surroundings. This song is ethereal, and the first time I heard it, it made me happy. Hopefully it makes you feel similar things.
  • “Mechanical Planet”: VERIDIA—Another Christian song, my hope is that this plays into the mechanical/existential themes in Portal. I picked out songs for the characters specifically: if Madison had a theme song for the entire story, this would be it.
  • “All These Lives”: Daughtry—And if Callan had a theme song, this would be his. His goal right now, at all costs (the main goal I crafted for him) is to protect his growing tribe and get them out of the facility. His anger stems largely from what’s been done to the rest of his people trapped in the facility.

Aaand, that’s it! Comment if you have any thoughts; and don’t forget to do something positive today, for your own health or for someone else’s: Turn on some music, redecorate, drink a fun drink, step into the sunshine, meet a friend and ask how their day’s been…all that good stuff. God bless! Merry Christmas!


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