Firstly, I’d like to acknowledge the reality that there is no “correct” method to crafting a collection of music for your WIP. Some people may prefer a set of songs they can write to, while others may pick titles that closely represent characters and plots. However you want to make yours, enjoy yourself! Music is beautiful and inspiring—cultivate a playlist based on your unique methods and imagination, because you are valuable.

Here are a few helpful tips from my experience to help:

  1. Listen for Lyric Lines:

Attributing an entire song to your story isn’t always easy. If you’re stuck, tune in to individual lines that apply to one character or a beloved setting. Then, ponder whether this song has any themes that line up with your own. Of course, you can add songs for a single line’s sake. I’ve found that I sometimes create new attributes to my story, such as a small personality trait for a character, based on a music line that sparks an idea.

  1. Capture the Mood:

Conversely, big scenes in your story can benefit from the inspiration in “big” songs. Have you ever listened to a power ballad or solo that made your spirits soar? See if there are musical numbers that encapsulate the feeling of certain plot points or confrontations. These songs can remind you of the wonder of your story down the road, when you may feel less passionate about it.

  1. Check the “Indie”/ “New Artist” Pockets of iTunes:

Popular lyrics tend to have already nested in our brains and become familiar; but indie music offers eclectic little gems you can add to make your own special playlist. For instance, I recently discovered the cool track “Human” by Aquilo this way. Here’s a screenshot of the cover:


If you’d like to see an example playlist, check out the ones currently uploaded for my Portal 2 Fanfiction, Birthday Candles, here:

BC: The Playlist: Chapter 1

BC: The Playlist: Chapter 2

BC: The Playlist: Chapter 3

BC: The Playlist: Chapter 4

Do you guys have any other tips about playlists? I hope these encouraged you! Thanks for tuning in! ❤


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