Hello, reader!

No matter what part of the earth you call home, we each have the same number of hours in one day; we have routines, recreation, and work we fit into our time. This challenge is about expressing the things that make you proud, excited, and thoughtful to be who you are.

If you’d like to join the #24HoursAsMe challenge, create a video, blog post, social media story, or other form of message conveying what you do each day. You can also tag your friends, to challenge them to brainstorm a theme, too! This should be a fun, relaxing activity, and should hone in on the elements of your routine that most convey your personality and passions. Take a bit of creative liberty: combine things you do on different days that share your theme; or leave out unrelated actions. Make your summary your own, and show us what’s fantastic about you! I’d love to hear what your day consists of, so be sure to leave a comment below and link me to your entry!

For my focus, I’m doing my career/major: English studies. This ties into my passion for writing, my love of reading, and most of my daylight hours at this point in life.

Here’s my #24HoursAsMe entry:

24 Hours as an English Major

7:00: Wake Up. Scroll through social media to regain brain function; see pretty art and creative captions. Read a Bible verse or talk to God while lying in bed.

7:45: Drive to School. Listen to artsy Christian or other music. Zone out and brainstorm ideas for latest novel project. Have fake mental conversations. Appreciate the beautiful Colorado scenery.

9:00: Arrive at school (yeahh, it’s in Denver, I’m in the Springs. It’s all good!). Attend History and Structure class to learn about the English language in striking (sometimes grueling) detail. Get assigned a project requiring intricate research into the annals of English history.

11:00: Go to CCU chapel. Worship with a room full of positive people. Listen to a motivational, convicting message. Take a mental notes. Pray about what new thing God wants to reveal.

12:00: Soak in the campus scenery and weather. Walk to Detective Fiction, and eat lunch with smiling English majors. Talk about latest novel, actors, and many other subjects. Eat a variety of yummy foods. Have snarky, in-depth discussion about the craft of the written word.

1:30: Drive home. Listen to more music. Feel sunshine on face. Realize sleepiness has snuck in.

3:00: Arrive home. Take a long break scrolling through social media to unwind. Follow positive Instagram and Youtube accounts. Feel grateful for the variety of expression in the world.

5:00: Realize break has been too long and dinner is soon. Reason that homework won’t get done before then. Continue break. Possible nap, depending on day of week.

6:30: Eat dinner with family. Hear about others’ days. Replenish carbohydrate supply. Feel sleepy again. Make decaf coffee because logic.

7:00: Read theology book for homework. Learn creative parallels between human beings and God. Feel happy (and scholarly).

7:45: Pause to play with cats, because watching them chase a laser pointer is relaxing. Yawn. Sip more coffee. Change into pajamas.

8:00: Text boyfriend while continuing homework. Scroll through social media. Convince self homework is still being done. Actually finish homework. Snuggle into bed.

11:00: Get a glass of water. Set alarm and turn off light. Think through more fantasy conversations. Gently brainstorm for novel. Feel grateful for blessings. Alternate lying on sides until loss of consciousness.

There you have it! That’s most Tuesdays and Thursdays for me, in a packaged form. Love y’all. Send me your entries, and have a good 24 hours! 🙂 


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